Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thing 3 - Utilities

The Google app provides many unique features. Searching by photo and by voice are really nice options. Navigating between other Google products is very easy using the Google app. It almost makes loading the other Google apps unnecessary. This is a very robust utility.

Thing 2 - Mobile Device Tips

There were some excellent tips included within this section. I had never explored iTunes radio. I was not aware that web links could be shared through Air Drop. After some research, I found that stocks are available within the notification center of the iPhone, but not the iPad. I was able to also explore the differences between the Safari features of the iPhone and iPad. Probably the best tip that I picked up was using the bold feature to make my iPhone more readable.

Thing 1 - Registration

I am looking forward to 23 Mobile Things. I found the past two "23 Things" projects very useful. It is really great that this is being offered in multiple platforms. This should make the project very useful to a large number of participants.